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North Bend Post Acute is proud to have some of the most experienced nurses in the country providing the best care for our residents. We provide 24 hour nursing services and handle a wide variety of medical needs for our residents. 

Physical Therapy

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Physical Therapy programs are crucial for nursing home residents. We specialize in working with seniors to develop their balance, increase mobility and much more.

By doing this, injury likelihood decreases.

Of course, boosting an elderly person’s safety isn’t the only way physical therapy helps in a nursing home environment. Studies indicate that the importance of activities in long term care relates to both physical and mental well-being. Exercise has been shown to have a very positive impact on the mental health of older adults.

Our Physical therapists facilitate exercise for for our residents by carefully assessing the condition of each person we work with. Having direct access to physical therapy is important. The sooner care starts, the sooner health improves. From there, they develop appropriate programs for their condition and abilities. These nursing home exercise ideas are tailored to each individual to make sure the patient enjoys the best results.

Speech Therapy

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Speech & Language Therapy applies principles, methods, and procedures of evaluation, consultation, intervention, and instruction related to speech, language, cognition, and swallowing.

Wound Care


We have highly skilled staff to care for our residents with wounds. Some wounds are deeper and need medical attention to prevent infection and loss of function, due to damage to underlying structures like bone, muscle, tendon, arteries and nerves. The purpose of medical care for wounds is to prevent complications and preserve function. 

Catheter Management

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Catheter management is essential for patients who need it. Perhaps a patient is immobile or has other mobility issues that would prevent them from using the bathroom. Catheters are a way to provide the care patients need for bathroom management.

Occupational Therapy

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Occupational Therapy (OT) focuses on muscle strength and coordination, re-education in body movement, balance, hand-eye coordination, vision and perception, and thinking skills - all related to daily living skills. OT staff evaluate and treat individuals with a disease, disorder, impairment, or restriction that interferes with their ability to function independently in daily activities, such as self-care or daily life roles.

I.V. Therapy


Intravenous therapy is one of the admission criteria for the geriatric patient to enter a skilled nursing facility. Because of shortened hospital stays, more and more geriatric patients are placed in this type of nursing home. These facilities are also potential alternatives to hospitalization of the nursing home resident who requires I.V. therapy. Multiple factors, such as the aging population, federal programs for the elderly, and the economic health care climate, have contributed to the emergence of the skilled nursing facility as a practice setting for I.V. therapy. As the acuity of nursing home residents continues to rise, I.V. therapy will become a more frequent treatment modality. Therefore, I.V. nurses must be aware of the impact of provision of this service in the skilled nursing facility setting.

Dietary Support

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Wonderful breakfast, lunch and dinners to cater to the needs our our residents

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